Mr. Donahue’s

IMG_0035Everything about Mr. Donahue’s – the name, the food, the ambiance – is homey and familiar. The restaurant seats only nine people, which adds to its cozy intimacy. Mr. Donahue’s seems like it was pulled straight out of the 1940’s. It has the rosy nostalgia of a bygone era, complete with vintage china and swing music from Ella Fitzgerald and Duke Ellington.

The restaurant doesn’t have a huge selection, but what it lacks in choices it makes up for in quality: the food is incredible. The menu is straight comfort food and includes American classics like roast beef, marble potatoes, and banana rum pudding. I had the Swedish meatballs, which really opened my eyes to how incomplete my life was before them.

Confession time: I considered not writing about it because I secretly hope this restaurant remains a well-kept secret. My biggest fear is never eating at Mr. Donahue’s again because it has nine seats. My fatal flaw as a food lover is an unwillingness to wait in long lines for hyped-up food, so I think the only solution is eating here immediately (or sooner). It’s big on takeout, so that may be a solution in the future. As of now, the restaurant has only been open for about a month, so I would highly recommend running here before the rest of the city finds out.

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