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I got a new job! It’s been really wonderful – the people are amazing and my commute is a breeze, which is something you almost never hear a Staten Islander say. Unfortunately, I’ve fallen behind on posting as a result, so let’s rewind and talk about my first day at work. Day 1, we got to go to a special evening reception at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for their latest Costume Institute exhibit. The Costume Institute at the Met is not a joke. Every first Monday in May, celebrities dress to impress for the only event that really matters every year. Only about 650 people are invited, and tickets cost $30,000. I couldn’t make it this year because my invitation was lost in the mail again.

This year, all the beautiful people of this world got dressed up to see Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology. The glamour of the Met Gala shows us that the common man isn’t allowed that much fun at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


True New Yorkers traditionally don’t care about anything. We see celebrities and are mildly amused at best. We watch the Met Gala, admire the dresses for a second, and move on. We don’t care because we know almost nothing is unreachable in this city. My Met Gala invitation probably got lost, but it didn’t stop me from getting dressed up and seeing Manus x Machina.

There are so many opportunities to have glamorous evenings of culture in New York. Seeing Manus x Machina with my co-workers less than a month after it opened was actually the second time I was seeing that exhibit dressed to the nines.

A month earlier, I attended A Stitch in Time hosted by the College Group at the Met. If you’re a student, don’t miss those parties. It’s your chance to dress up, grab your friends, and check out how the Met does things after dark.

If you’re not a student and your office doesn’t take you galavanting through museums, don’t worry! This summer, check out the Young Members Party at the Met for a similar experience. Art After Dark at the Guggenheim is a low cost, equally awesome way to stay up late and see another side of NYC’s famous cultural institutions. And, for a weirder experience, I’m sure Up Late at the High Line won’t disappoint.

I feel like June just started (I didn’t blog for a month, so that shouldn’t be a surprise). Summer blows by so quickly – get out and do something fun before it’s gone!


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