Manus x Machina

Last post, I talked a lot about Manus x Machina without saying a single thing about the exhibit. The Met’s annual Costume Institute exhibits are wonderful for everyone from Karl Lagerfeld to Mark Zuckerberg (he wears the same outfit every day to leave extra brain power for running Facebook). I never understood the runway until I started looking at the clothing as art.

Here’s a favorite of mine, by Alexander McQueen. You’d definitely turn heads walking down the street in this. But, the dress is supposed to look like an oyster that has been beaten on the bottom of the ocean floor. The woman inside is the pearl.

Oyster Dress, Alexander McQueen. Photo Courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Oyster Dress, Alexander McQueen. Photo Courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Savage Beauty, the Met’s record-breaking Alexander McQueen exhibit, was actually my introduction to fashion, and fashion and I have been happy ever since.

This year, Manus x Machina explores how technology is shaping fashion. Fashion can be created by hand, by machine (pret a porter, or ready to wear), or through a combination of work by man and machine. The exhibit features 3D printed dresses, intricate gowns made from innovative materials, and fashion that looks plucked straight from a sci-fi movie. Go for the fashion or to appreciate the technological innovation – there’s something for everyone.


The classiest fish


This is made out of STRAWS, people!!

This is made out of STRAWS, people!!

And, if it’s still not your thing, you can always go to heckle.

I absolutely love the detail in this breathtaking wedding dress, the centerpiece of the exhibit. Regrettably, photos don’t do it any justice; it’s really astonishing.

Manus x Machina IMG_0057

It does have a unique shape from the side, though.


The friend I went with described it as “a wedding dress that poorly covers up a pregnancy”. Now, I can’t see the dress without thinking about grandma, who came to this wedding and didn’t have a clue about the baby.


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